The core powders are the strongest powders of our line. These can be used to make your nail base but also to give strength to colored acrylic nails by encapsulating them with clear or pink powder. The white powder is therefore perfect for pink and whites that do not need to be encapsulated. 

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  • CakesInc.Nails - Clear Nail Powder
    CakesInc.Nails - Clear Nail Powder

    Our clear nail powder has a super fine consistency to create nails with an exceptional clarity and definition of color. This extremely clear powder can not be ignored!

    ❥ Clear powder is ideal for encapsulating nail art and…

    € 20,36
  • CakesInc.Nails - White Nail Powder
    CakesInc.Nails - White Nail Powder

    Our white nail powder has a super fine consistency for the ultimate 'French Manicure' or 'Ombré' nail design or the making of 3-dimentional flower techniques. This extremely white powder can not be ignored.

    ❥ Use in…

    € 20,36
  • CakesInc.Nails - Pink Nail Powder
    CakesInc.Nails - Pink Nail Powder

    Our pink nail powder has a super fine consistency to create natural looking nails with a exceptional clarity and an enhanced pink tone.

    ❥ Use in conjunction with White Nail Powder and Cover Pink for the perfect 'French…

    € 20,36
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