Nail bits and nail files are essential to make beautiful nails. They are available in various shapes, sizes and grits. 

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    CakesInc.Nails -  'Rechargeable Electric Nail Drill' (Holo Pink)
    CakesInc.Nails - 'Rechargeable Electric Nail Drill' (Holo Pink)

    Our nail drill is a professional e-file for refining and smoothing the artificial nails. It's lightweight and easy to transport. It is also wireless and rechargeable, useful for example during traveling or house call treatments.…

    € 313,68 € 250,95
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    CakesInc.Nails - Mini Sanding Bands #150 'Medium'
    CakesInc.Nails - Mini Sanding Bands #150 'Medium'

    Our mini sanding bands are what you need for the perfect nail prep. This little master goes into every corner very easily, which is also good for removing all stuck cuticles. It's also ideal for prepping the full cover nail…

    € 8,98 € 6,29
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