Our nail bits can be used with any electric nail drill that accepts standard size 3/32” nail bits. 

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    CakesInc.Nails - Buffer Bit
    CakesInc.Nails - Buffer Bit

    The buffer bit is ideal for buffing the nails after the filing work. But can also be used well on natural nails. You'll never have to use buffer files again. Easy to sanitize with Sani Spray.

    ❥ Can be used for both left and…

    € 45,40 € 38,24
  • CakesInc.Nails - Protection Shield 'Nail Drill'
    CakesInc.Nails - Protection Shield 'Nail Drill'

    Do you always suffer from the hand-piece of your nail drill that it always breaks due to nail dust? Then these protection shields are really handy, you slide them over your nail bit with the tip pointing upwards, and this is how…

    € 5,53
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