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Hey bestie! ♥ You must be here because you already secretly know it, but I still want to give you a simple explanation! The Cakey Luxury Press-on nails are personally made by me @CakesInc.Nails. When you decide to buy, you buy something that is my own and that was created from my own creativity.

You may wonder what “Press-on” nails are… the press-on also called stick-on nails are just the same nails that stylists use to make gel / acrylic nails. The only difference is that the press-on nails are made to cover the entire nail bed. To keep things short they're reusable fake nails that you can apply yourself at home!
Why would you want to buy “Press-On” nails when there are also salons where you can have your nails done with gel or acrylic… you might ask yourself now! Press-on nails is the best alternative for people who cannot have gel / acrylic nails done in the salon because of their profession, allergy, their everyday routine, because they want a creation by a stylist who no longer takes customers or is abroad and so on. They are also very useful for weddings, birthdays, photo / video shoots, date night or a well deserved holiday or just as a gift! The difference between gel / acrylic nails is that it lasts longer because you can have them filled up in the salon, which is not possible with press-on nails!

How does press-on nails work?
It's quite simple and easy to use and to re-use! Choose the style, sizes and finish you want and read the instructions that comes included, these will help you apply your Cakey "Luxery Press-on" nails. ????

How to know my size?
The easiest and most accurate way to size yourself is to order a "Sizing Kit". This will be shipped to you for free if you're from The Netherlands (Order your sizing kit together with the selected nail style you want your custom press-on nails to be in. You can also measure your nails at home using our "Measurment Guide". PLEASE NOTE: we reccomend you purchase a "Sizing-Kit" for self measurments! Make sure you measure every single finger from both your left and right hand! Keep in mind not every seller uses the same nail measuring guide. Measuring your nails before placing your order is very important to ensure the perfect and correct fit.


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